nurses in love

As a male nurse you will have the opportunity to work alongside many attractive female nurses who you may wish to see socially outside the workplace. However, it is important that you go about dating your co-workers in such a way that you do not compromise your professional reputation or put yourself at risk of being reprimanded by a superior.

That being said, in today’s post I would prefer to offer guidance on how to date your female co-workers and associates, focusing on what to do after you have already arranged a date.

So, how do you go about establishing a romantic relationship with the woman you find yourself out on a date with?

Research indicates that making overt and aggressively sexual advances may not be the path to tread. Indeed, women are more responsive to romance, and are more inclined to feel warm, and excited about you when their minds have been teased with intimate thoughts and slightly suggestive remarks.

This is really a great game-plan to follow if you aspire for a romantic connection, as most women will usually respond quite positively to this kind of thing.

So, instead of trying to get all physical and start feeling her up the first time the opportunity presents itself, why don’t you try to spark some romance and invoke a sense of intimacy that way?

Tell her that you are not likely to get any sleep once the night is over as your mind will still be filled with vivid thoughts of her. Tell her that you will forever remember the night that her beauty and her fragrance put their indelible stamp on your memory.

It may seem corny if you are not used to saying this kind of stuff, but trust me, it works.

Tell her that the mere whiff of her perfume is likely to arouse you no end even after your date. Teasing her in this provocative, subtle, and non-threatening way will make her predisposed to feel emotionally involved. She is likely to find such conversation sexy and thrilling and make her more inclined to accept gentle, teasing caresses of a more physically intimate nature later down the line. You can progress from here eventually.

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