spec-force-alpha-weightsIf you look at the health of the men in our Army’s special forces compared to that of the average American you will find that Spec Force soldiers are on average much healthier, much stronger, much leaner and in overall much better physical condition. In fact, the physical condition of Spec Force guys is also much better than that of men in other branches of the armed service.

What is to account for these differences you may ask. Well, the fact is that Spec Force soldiers have a very different approach to fitness than normal Americans. Rather than eating Tofu and walking on a treadmill, Spec Force guys eat real meat and do intense workouts that include exercises like pull ups, pushups and deadlifts. In fact, there’s a new program from a guy named Todd Lamb called Spec Force Alpha, that basically gives you a blueprint for what you need to do to get in the same kind of shape as these guys, so you can check that out if this is something that interests you.

Sure, we all know that fitness is important because it helps us do little everyday physical things better can help keep diseases away. But staying fit also makes you more attractive, and helps you to feel better about yourself which can reduce stress and improve your psychological well-being. Being confident about your body emanates positive energy that turns you into the kind of attractive person that others admire and want to be around.

Get Fit the Right Way

Many supplements promise you a buff body in a short amount of time, but these supplements are only trying to make money off you. Believe me, Spec force soldiers like Todd Lamb don’t mess with that stuff.

The long term way of staying and looking fit is a lifestyle change. This mean committing to eating right for life and living an active lifestyle – not just going on a temporary diet and trying out some new exercise program. A healthy diet of 50% raw food or food that requires little processing helps you clean your body and get the nutrients it needs. So that is a good place to start, but you also want to be sure to eat foods like saturated fats that will help you to keep your testosterone levels high.

You won’t get ripped and get that six-pack by sitting around and dreaming about it all day. You need to hit the gym and start lifting weights to improve your physique. Get a personal trainer if you want, to help you with a customized program that fits your body’s fitness level. To get the best results, you may want to use a couple supplements in combination with your workout program. Good supplements provide your body with the nutrients and protein it needs to sustain high levels of energy and strength throughout your training program, but don’t think that those supplements will do the hard work for you..